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Elena is a career coach, trainer, and speaker on topics of career and personal development. She believes that everyone deserves to have fulfilling careers and, ultimately, lives. She has worked with various nationalities, age groups, and professional backgrounds around the world, delivering one on one career sessions, group trainings, and participated in speaking engagements. Elena is passionate about changing the way we approach our careers and believe we can all have the career of our dreams which drives us, leaves us energized, and joyful. 

Elena is a Tedx speaker, writes her own blog and contributes to various publications in the Middle East, including Forbes Middle East, Arabian Business, EdArabia, among others. 

An engaging skilled trainer and talent development specialist credited with combining operations, education, and international expertise to design and deliver programs for diverse audiences. Elena has a strong passion for learning and development, promoting creative and engaging workplaces and all about optimizing performance through the development of others.

Elena has a Bachelor’s in International Relations and a Master’s in Higher Education Management, and 10 years of experience working with various institutions and organizations. As a certified coach and trainer, she has worked with hundreds of university students from different countries, as well as mid-level working professionals over the last several years. 

Elena is also a founder of Agar Global Services and a Managing Partner at Bessern

Just be better than you were yesterday. It is only you against you.

- Elena Agaragimova -


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